Organisational development, change management and human resource development by no means are sectoral phenomenons nowadays. This is why drehmoment Business Consulting is not restricted to specific industrial branches.



The range of services offered by drehmoment Business Consulting GmbH covers the principal customer requirements in the areas of organisational development, change management and human resources development.

Analysis of existing processes, systems and operational practices

Our systematic examination uses proven methods. Precise analysis promotes common understanding while revealing flaws and potential areas for improvement during constant dialogue with employees and managers.

Development of optimisation measures

Building on this preliminary analysis, we develop and discuss realistic optimisation measures with your managers and employees then secure their sustainable implementation.

Mediation of development processes

It is often productive to have internal development processes validated by an external moderator. The moderator guides the discussion and actively mediates between individuals and or departments. In addition, he/she secures the jointly-produced project documentation.

Project management

Depending on the project objective, type and individual characteristics, the project manager may take on the role of initiator, planner, pilot and controller. He/she also assumes responsibility for completion and sustainability of the project.

Process documentation & functional descriptions

As a rule, internal documentary services should be structured in such a way as to be useful in practice.  Based on observations, interviews and existing documents, we generate process documentation and functional descriptions in your desired form and scope.

Requirements management

Requirements management comes to bear in those fields where complex products or systems are designed, and where this development is subject to a high degree of division of labour. Practice has clearly shown that the mere definition of requirements is insufficient, and that professional requirements management is necessary for project realisation.

Employee and management training

Instruction and training programmes individually-tailored to on-site requirements remain the method of choice to turn strategies into effective action. Ideally, it's the "blended learning" approach, i.e. the combination of face-to-face instruction with web- and computer-based learning, that is best here.

Monitoring and Controlling

The development of effective monitoring and controlling measures significantly contributes to securing sustainable project successes. Ideally, concrete metrics are defined to that end, which are then regularly monitored and processed for controlling purposes.

Motivational measures & performance incentives

An important way to retain employees and to prevent "internal resignations" is to maintain motivation. We will be happy to advise you in this area and to develop appropriate instruments for employee motivation with you.



The spectrum of methods applied by drehmoment Business Consulting GmbH is extremely varied and features classical as well as more modern methods of knowledge transfer.


Training sessions aim to assimilate specific contents. Hence, classical training includes a high proportion of practise units.  This is what distinguishes a training course from a seminar. Training is thus particularly suited to initiate change or improvement in employee performance, as practise of learned content is especially important here.


The basic objective of coaching is to increase the resources and competences of the coached party. Coaching is a very solution-orientated method. Its fundamental principle: "The solution is already in you".  The coach's role is to work with the coached party to search for known and present solutions through targeted questioning.


Knowledge and practical advice are imparted during consulting. The advisor's specialist knowledge is of an extremely high level, he/she counts among the best in the field. One important aspect of this consulting is the joint elaboration of technical specifications and expert reports. Consulting is frequently preceded by thorough analysis.


Sparring combines the methods of consulting, coaching and training. The sparring partner proactively reflects his/her own point of view and behaviour patterns to the participant. The sparring partner guides the participant toward development of efficient measures and permanent matching with defined objectives.


As a rule, the objective of a workshop is to determine, then to structure the knowledge of workshop participants. The workshop leader insures that all participants know their roles and tasks. He/she moderates, follows up, summarises and records.

Training-on-the job

With on-the-job training, the participant is actively supported in the company's day-to-day business. The trainer guides the participant through actual procedures and processes in day-to-day business with the aim of improving these in real-time.

Web Based Training (WBT) and learning platforms

Web Based Training (WBT) and learning platforms offer participants the advantage of flexibility in terms of space and time and offers the instructor the advantage of not necessarily having to remain in direct contact with the participant. On the other hand, integration with the Internet offers multiple additional possibilities for communication and interaction of participants with their tutor, or fellow-participants. This allows emails, news, chats and discussion fora to be linked to WBT, while audio and video signals can be streamed live.


Webinars are set up on an interactive principle, which allows two-way communication between tutor and participants. A webinar is always "live", and begins at a specific time. Usually, the tutor's oral comments are transmitted to all participants along with the picture on the screen via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). As a rule, this also works inversely if participants have a microphone connected to their computer and the tutor has granted them speaking rights.

Smartphone Coaching

With smartphone coaching, the participant receives news, specific tasks and shorter exercises over his/her smartphone. Answers to questions or elaboration of solutions are also transmitted back via smartphone. Smartphone coaching enjoys a very high retention rate and accompanies the participant everywhere.



Our Team



drehmoment GmbH

drehmoment Business Consulting GmbH was founded in June 2008 as the logical consequence of its founders' long-standing involvement in the realms of training and consultancy.

Originally working in the area of human resources development, drehmoment Business Consulting quickly experienced strong demand for projects in the area of organisational development. A clear process orientation, systematic involvement of all project participants and practical relevance constitute a decisive advantage for drehmoment over competitors, and are especially appreciated by customers and contractors.

drehmoment Business Consulting has its headquarters in the historic centre of the university town of Tübingen. It is from here that the agency runs projects throughout Germany,  Europe and even worldwide.

drehmoment Business Consulting GmbH is led by Hanife and Armin Müller.
The two chief executives are also drehmoment's only shareholders.

Following study at Reutlingen Technical College, Hanife Müller was employed at Iltis GmbH in Rottenburg from 2000 to 2007 as management assistant.  Since the company's founding, she has been a shareholder, and since 2015 a chief executive of drehmoment Business Consultancy GmbH.  Besides management, Hanife Müller focusses on marketing, HR management and financial accounting.

Armin Müller studied at Tübingen University and has been active since 1999 as a trainer, consultant and project manager in the auto industry. He has managed drehmoment Business Consultancy GmbH from the beginning.

Besides standard management activities, Armin Müller’s key areas of interest are the development of new business areas as well as interfacing with other companies.

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